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Jacinto Salvadó (Mont-Roig 1892 – Him Castellet 1983) is one of the figures most emphasized from the Spanish artists in the Paris of the avant-gardes.
Recognized by numerous exhibitions his trajectory as principal figure of the school of Paris, his work there was considered by the principal critics of the moment-Waldemar George, Uhde and Charensol - as the most promising of that young generation of Spanish who went during the decade of the ten and the twenties up to the French capital.

Painter figurative expressionist inscribed in one of the most popular currents of the Europe later to the First World war, his work was exhibited in the principal-Tulleries lounges, Automne - and in the most important galleries of the city, along with other out-standing artists as Grommaire, Lanskoy, Soutine or Rouault.
Of his contact with Max Bill, Arp, Leuppi, Herbin and so many people others there was born a geometric painting of big attraction that led him to being one of the first participants in the lounges of Realités Nouvelles.

From the eighties there has begun a slow but constant recovery of his figure for the most important critics of our country, with numerous texts and exhibitions that endorse his trajectory, emphasizing the sample that dedicated the Museum Reigns Sofia in 2002 or the most
recent antológica in the Museum of Contemporary
Art of Tarragona.


Mont-roig del Camp 1892 – Le Castellet 1983. Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona, Spain
From 16th september to
30th october 2005

From 29th october
to 29th november 2005.
Muro gallery. Valencia

Galería Muro