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Jacinto Salvadó’s biography is the synthesis of an exciting story of artistic vocation and quest for a personal language. His chronological summary allows discovering a life full of surprises.

• 1892. Born in Mont-Roig. Suffers from blackwater fever. Afterwards he relocates in Barcelona with his uncle.

• 1907-1909. He attends the Fine Arts school of La Lonja. First travel to Paris (staying for one year)

• 1910. Attempt to travel from France to USA in order to become an actor.

• 1914. He settled in Marsella with a girlfriend from Gandía. He joins the freemasonry.

• 1921. Exhibition in Dalmau.

• 1922. He meets Derain and becomes his assistant for one year.

• 1923. He makes poses for Picasso, known as “Arlequins”.

• 1924. He signs a contract with the Bing gallery where he exhibits his work from 1927 to 1929. Also makes exhibitions in the “Salón de Tullerias” and participates in other collective exhibitions.

• 1925. Autumm saloon exhibition.

• 1926. Independents saloon exhibition

• 1928. Relationship with the Swiss dancer Anita Wiskemann.

• 1931. Contract with the Worms-Billet art gallery.
When he returns to Mont-Roig he paints outdoor sceneries (the critics of the time sayed that “he paints snow like nobody else”) and sends his paintings to Switzerland and to a german merchant. He lives in Mont-Roig and Barcelona until 1936.

• 1936. He settles in le Castellet and shows interest in Russian constructivism. Influenced by the geometric shapes and rigorous concepts of Kandinsky, he paints his first abstract work.

1940. He settles in Zurick until 1945.

• 1944. Exhibits at the “Galerie Eaux-Vives”.

• 1945. Lives in between le Castellet and París. He participates in a collective exhibition at the Berna museum.

• 1948. Exhibits at the “Salón des Realités Nouvelles”.

• 1961. He makes glass art in Froclaze. Also he shows interest in ceramics.

• 1971. Exhibitions at the “Simone Séller” gallery and “Juana Mordó” gallery until 1981.

• 1983. He dies in “le Castellet” at the age of 91 years old.